LBI Delivery

Bringing LBI's best - right to your door

Answers to a few Questions

1. Yes, we deliver all year round. Our local residents and businesses are just as important to us as our visitors. Some of our featured restaurants are seasonal. Their menu's are made available to order from when they are open for the season. 

2. Yes, we do deliver alcohol. Due to state regulations, and until further notice, LBI Delivery's terms for all deliveries involving alcoholic beverages are as follows:

  • Online ordering is available through or the App only. 

  • We will then deliver both your food and beverage order together. The person receiving the delivery must be the person who paid for the order, and must show proof of age upon delivery.

  • The fee for this service is $10.00 plus tip which will be billed separately at the time of delivery.

3. Our service is primarily online based. Ordering online is the fastest way to get your delivery. If for any reason you do need to speak to us, you can always send us an email through our Contact Us page, or call/text us @ (609) 389-8323.  

4. Delivery Zones are set by the restaurant owners, not by us. Each owner knows how far they are comfortable having their food travel and for how long, in order to maintain its quality and flavor. For large (catering) orders, made in advance, outside of the delivery zones, please contact us and we will be more than happy to arrange for a delivery. 

5. New restaurants are added by request from the restaurant owners themselves. We do not deliver from all restaurants because some can not handle the volume of orders that delivery would add to their existing busy establishments. So, if you would like to see one of your favorite restaurants added to our list for delivery, have the owners give us a call!

Refund/Return Policy

Your satisfaction is our priority. Being that we are only a delivery service and not the actual restaurants, we are not at liberty to provide full refunds for food that has already been ordered and delivered. However, we can and will make every effort to resolve any situation that may arise, including but not limited to the following:

Wrong Food/Missing Food
If the food you receive is different from the receipt, we are really sorry. Please call us as soon as you can. We will contact the restaurant and inform them of the mistake. We will redeliver within the same delivery time frame we did your previous order, for free.

Delivery Delays

We understand that people are hungry when they call us. We try very hard to pick up and deliver the food at the fastest time possible and as soon as its ready. While most delivery times are between 45-60 minutes, at the height of the season, some restaurants have up to a 90 minute backlog for take-out orders. In the event that there is an excessive delay, we will call you directly to inform you of that delay.

Return / Cancel
Sorry, there are no refunds if you change your mind after the food has been ordered. 

​Feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding to Return Policy at (609) 389-8323 or

We will keep adding to this page, as more questions are asked. So, please don't hesitate to contact us!